April 8, 2004


Dear Elliott Farm Homeowner,


Enclosed is the Board approved final copy of our new Compliance Rules and Regulations for the Gables and Woodward Neighborhoods. Here are the steps that preceded the distribution of the new rules and regulations.

1.      Our CC&Rs provided compliance requirements for our Neighborhood that we all agreed to by signing the closing paperwork our homes.

2.      The HOA Board is responsible for making sure we all follow the CC&Rs but we did not have any documented procedures. Therefore the need for the rules and regulations was established, since none existed previously.

3.      Our rules and regulations are a toned down version of the rules and regulations that were recently implemented in The Greens neighborhood (who learned by expensive litigation).

4.      A draft copy was distributed by email or regular mail to all Homeowners. All Homeowners were provided time to review the draft and provide feedback to the Board via email, marked up paper copy, or by contacting a Board member.

5.      At the March 23rd Board meeting an open forum was provided to allow Homeowners to discuss the draft rules and regulations.  All feedback was reviewed and discussed by the Homeowners and the Board. At the close of the meeting the Board voted to approve as drafted.

6.      All Homeowners are now receiving the final approved copy of the rules and regulations. You are encouraged to keep them in your Neighborhood notebook. The rules and regulations will also be posted on our Elliott Farms website.  www.elliottfarms.net


When we signed the closing paperwork on our homes, we agreed to and accepted the responsibilities documented in the CC&R’s.  Now that the Compliance Rules and Regulations have been adopted, we know that we now have a process in place to enforce the CC&R’s and have a responsibility as a Neighborhood and Homeowners to be aware of them.  Having this new process should not be viewed as a negative thing. We want continue to live in and enjoy a great Neighborhood.  If there is ever a problem we now have a documented way to deal with it and hopefully resolve to everyone’s satisfaction.


Remember, this is our Neighborhood. Working together we can continue to keep it as one of the best Neighborhoods to live in.


Personal note from the President: If at any point in time you have concerns regarding the Neighborhood, the Board, or have issues with policies please feel free to contact a Board member or attend any of our monthly Board meetings. (The dates, time and location are always provided in the Fairwood Flyer.)




Rick Heinz, President

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

(425) 235-8410

Email: president@elliottfarms.net

Website: http://www.ElliottFarms.net



If you are currently not on the Neighborhood email distribution list I am encouraging you to drop me an email and get on the list. Our email is used with discretion and allows us to keep you current with Neighborhood news (Block Watch, events, meetings, activities, etc). Email also allows us to continue providing you with helpful information like the recent Landscape Newsletter and we avoid the expense of having to make copies.